Happy Mothers Day

From Crystal River to all of the moms out there, Happy Mothers Day! As we were growing up, you were always there for us. You always did what was best for us, even if you knew it was going to make us upset. And when you could, you would do what would make us happy. You always did it out of love, when sometimes it hurt you more than us. We have a special relationship with our mothers, that only grows stronger with years. Then one day you are old and grey and then you are gone to be with the Lord and receive your Best Mom Award. That’s when we know how much you meant and what we have lost. But on that day when we each leave this world, we so look forward to looking on the banks of the Jordan River and see you standing there waving your hand. Your arms will be open and once again we  will run and get that special hug only our mother can give. Happy Mothers Day mom!              Tom / Crystal River

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