And Then There Were Three

First of all, we want to thank everyone for all of your support and prayers. It has been another great year and we thank our Lord for all of the doors He has opened up to us. We have made so many new friends and seen a lot of old ones this year and hope to do it again in 2020. We will be starting out the new year with one less member to our group. We are sad to say our base singer, George Farling will be leaving us to sing with another group. We wish George the best and know he is looking forward to singing with his son, who also sings in the new group. So starting in January, Crystal River will be back singing as a trio like we did when we first started. This will allow us to sing more like the Booth Brothers, since we normally do some of their songs. The 3 part harmony will still be as good as ever. We are adding a little more variety of musical selections to reach out to a wider age range of people. We will always sing more Southern Gospel than other types, but a little variety never hurts anything. As we travel around, we are finding we are doing more concerts in  non-church settings. When we sing at parks, dinner concerts, benefit concerts, etc, we find a wider age span among the attendees. So to reach them with our message in song, we first have to get them interested in our music. So our goal is to sing a little variety that will appeal to everyone who comes out to the event. So if you have any suggestions, drop us a line in the Contact Us Section. Also, sometimes it is difficult to co-ordinate dates that suits us and those who want us to sing at their location. We ask you to keep us in your prayers and ask God to help us work some of these out so everyone can be accommodated. So we suggest if you have a special date you want to reserve, do it asap. We have already started to book concerts for next year. WE wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year. Hope to see all of you at a concert in 2020. Tom / Crystal River

Another Great Evening At Keystone Family Restaurant

To all of you who came out to hear us at Keystone Family Restaurant, we give you a BIG Thank You. If you weren’t there, you missed an incredible evening of delicious food and good music. You won’t get more bang for your bucks than at one of Keystone’s monthly dinner concerts. We want to thank Jason for his invitation and his great stall for making the evening a success as always. As in any concert, there are both serious moments and fun times, both of which were in attendance last evening. It’s always good to see old friends and the smiling faces of folks we see at other places we sing. So if you were there and enjoyed yourself, let Jason and the restaurant know and hopefully we will see you again next year. Check out our events section for our up-coming concerts on this site or our Facebook page. If you would like any information or just want to drop us a note, you can do so on our contact section of this web site also. Well I’ve got to go but we invite you to come out to one of our concerts and spend some time with Crystal River and their music. Hope to see you soon!                     Tom / Crystal River

Upcoming Concerts

Don’t Miss Our Next 3 Concerts: (1) Dinner Concert, Thursday evening, Aug 22nd at Keystone Family Restaurant, Waynesboro. Meal at 5:30 and concert starts at 6:30; (2) Hagerstown City Park, Wednesday evening, Aug 28th at 6:30. Bring your lawn chairs and enjoy the beautiful park and great people;  (3) Music Fest At The Gap, Sunday, Sept 1st at Cowans Gap State Park, Fort Loudon, Pa. Several different groups will be singing from 11:00 AM till 3:00 PM with Crystal River singing at 2:00 PM. Also there will be free drinks and hamburgers and hot dogs furnished by the park. Bring your lawn chair and enjoy a beautiful day by the lake. Check out the Events Section for details of all of our upcoming concerts.

New Promo CD In The Making

Hey everyone,  We are in the middle of cutting a new demo cd with 10 or so of your favorite songs. When completed, we will post it in our music section for everyone to enjoy. Also we plan to use it as an introduction to Crystal River’s music, when someone is interested in having us do a concert for them. So when it’s ready, we will let everyone know. If you know someone who would be interested in hearing us, you can point them to either this web site or our FaceBook page. Thanks and God Bless

Another Great Morning!

We just wanted to thank everyone at Young’s United Methodist Church in Mechanicsburg for a great time this morning. It was good to see Pastor Bob and his folks again, since it has been a couple years. It just seemed that everything just clicked and everyone was worshipping in our music. We always consider it a privilege to lift our voices in praise to our Lord. I know we had a great time and hope everyone there did as well. Got Is Good!

Crystal River Now On YouTube

Would you believe it, Crystal River has uploaded its first video on to YouTube. If you would have told me that when we first started, I would have said, “Fat chance of that.” We owe our success all to Our Lord and thank Him for how He has blessed our musical ministry. We want to thank Pastor Manny Diaz, now gone to be with the Lord, and his church for allowing us to hold the concert there. It was a special evening, one which we will always remember. So check us out at YouTubeCrystalRiverSGM and we hope you enjoy the concert. Hope to see you at one of our upcoming concerts. Tom / Crystal River

Happy Mothers Day

From Crystal River to all of the moms out there, Happy Mothers Day! As we were growing up, you were always there for us. You always did what was best for us, even if you knew it was going to make us upset. And when you could, you would do what would make us happy. You always did it out of love, when sometimes it hurt you more than us. We have a special relationship with our mothers, that only grows stronger with years. Then one day you are old and grey and then you are gone to be with the Lord and receive your Best Mom Award. That’s when we know how much you meant and what we have lost. But on that day when we each leave this world, we so look forward to looking on the banks of the Jordan River and see you standing there waving your hand. Your arms will be open and once again we  will run and get that special hug only our mother can give. Happy Mothers Day mom!              Tom / Crystal River