Another Great Evening At Keystone Family Restaurant

To all of you who came out to hear us at Keystone Family Restaurant, we give you a BIG Thank You. If you weren’t there, you missed an incredible evening of delicious food and good music. You won’t get more bang for your bucks than at one of Keystone’s monthly dinner concerts. We want to thank Jason for his invitation and his great stall for making the evening a success as always. As in any concert, there are both serious moments and fun times, both of which were in attendance last evening. It’s always good to see old friends and the smiling faces of folks we see at other places we sing. So if you were there and enjoyed yourself, let Jason and the restaurant know and hopefully we will see you again next year. Check out our events section for our up-coming concerts on this site or our Facebook page. If you would like any information or just want to drop us a note, you can do so on our contact section of this web site also. Well I’ve got to go but we invite you to come out to one of our concerts and spend some time with Crystal River and their music. Hope to see you soon!                     Tom / Crystal River

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